Stay home this Eid

On behalf of BIMA and MCB we are very concerned about people planning mass Eid gatherings.

Please can you address this issue through your platforms and urge people to stay at home this Eid and not open halls or houses to gather for Eid namaaz or food.

We need to adhere to government guidance.

Our concern is:

a) if there is a second peak (critics say this is inevitable as lockdown is being relaxed too soon. We are already seeing more infections since government relaxed lockdown 1 week ago) there is a risk Muslims will get the blame. We only need to look at other countries eg. India to see how this went down.

b) The far right already have an agenda to “expose” us. You may have seen videos of eg. Britain First camping outside of mosques with video cameras trying to catch people “sneaking” into mosques. We will be giving actual credence to their claims if we use a religious occasion to break lockdown.

c) data from our country suggest people from minority ethnic backgrounds are 4x more likely to die from covid-19. We are putting ourselves at great risk

d) the evidence that we have from previous pandemics (and current evidence from japan/Singapore/Iran etc) is that the second wave always causes more deaths as people become lax.

This is the time to remain vigilant.


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