Be like a merciful father to orphans

Be like a merciful father to orphans

138. Dawud said, “Be like a merciful father towards the orphan. Know that you will reap as you sow.
How ugly poverty is after wealth! More than that: how ugly is misguidance after guidance! When you
make a promise to your friend, fulfil your promise. If you do not, it will bring about enmity between
you and him. Seek refuge in Allah from a companion who, when you mention something to him, does
not help you and who does not remind you when you forget.”

139. Al-Hasan said, “I remember a time among the Muslims when their men would shout (to remind
their families), ‘O family! O family! (Look after) your orphan! Your orphan! O family! O family!
(Look after) your orphan! Your poor person! Your poor person! O family! O family! (Look after) your
neighbour! Your neighbour!’ Time has been swift in taking the best of you while every day you
become baser.”
Hamza ibn Nujayh said that he heard al-Hasan say, “If you wish, you can see a deviant going 30,000
times deeper into the Fire. What is wrong with him? May Allah fight him! He has sold his portion
from Allah for a price of a goat. If you like, you can see him constricted and desirous of the path of
Shaytan. There is no one to warn him – neither himself nor anyone else.”

140. Asma’ bint ‘Ubayd said, “I said to Ibn Sirin, ‘I have an orphan in my care.’ He said, ‘Treat him as
you would treat your own child. Beat him as you would beat your own child.'”

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