Dua to clear debt



Hadhrat Anas رضي الله تعالى عنه narrates that once Rasūlullāh instructed Mu’ādh Bin Jabal رضي الله تعالى عنه saying, “O Mu’ādh! Should I not teach you a Du’ā that even if you were indebted to the extent of a mountain, then Allāh will fulfil that debt for you. O Mu’ādh! Make this Du’ā,

O Allah, the owner of the king totti the king who you want and remove the king from whom you want and cherish who you want and humiliate whoever you want with your hand good that you are over all things power Rahman, the hereafter and his mercy that you will give them Mercy from you

May Allah keep you for me and keep you for me. Rahmānad dunyā wal ākhirah wa rahīmahumā tu ‘ tīhima man tashā ‘ WA TAMNA ‘ u minhumā man tashā ‘ irhamnī rahmatan tughnīnī biha ‘ an rahmati man siwāk


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