The Fortunate Person


The Fortunate Person

Indeed anyone who finds a suitable life partner is very fortunate. Hadrat Ali (rah) used to say that anyone who acquires the following should consider him or herself very fortunate.

· A grateful tongue – Such a tongue is indeed a blessing from Allah. Unfortunately our despicable state most of the time is that our teeth fall out by consuming the innumerable bounties of Allah but we remain thankless and rebellious. Man should remain in constant gratitude to his Lord.
· A zakir [remembering] heart – Indeed a heart that is constantly engaged in praising and remembering Allah is a great blessing.
· A sound strong body – A healthy body houses a healthy mind.
· Homeland sustenance – Finding work and livelihood in one’s homeland is a far greater blessing than going abroad in search of it since the heart will always be at home in one’s own land.
· A pious wife – Life’s pleasures double with a sincere loving partner with whom one sees eye to eye.
The person who finds him or herself having all the above mentioned should consider that Allah has showered all His blessings upon him or her.


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